Our Solutions for Today's Economy

Managing Volatility

We believe that investors focused on active management, security selection (and avoidance) and risk-adjusted returns have an opportunity to generate strong outcomes in a highly dynamic market environment.

Solution Details


ALPS | Smith Total Return Bond Fund (SMTHX)

Fund Objective: Seeks to obtain a maximum total return, consistent with preservation of capital.

  • Exposure to broad fixed income sectors across the yield curve.
  • Fundamentally driven investment process.

ALPS | Smith Short Duration Bond Fund (SMDSX)

Fund Objective: Seeks as high a level of current income as is consistent with preservation of capital.

  • Broad fixed income exposure with maturities of 7 years or less.
  • Focused on delivering current income.


The Smith Capital Investors process is focused on delivering risk-adjusted returns and capital preservation across its Total Return and Short Duration Bond strategies. The portfolios are dynamic in nature and can be defensive, neutral or opportunistic based on the opportunities in the fixed income markets.

An experienced, award-winning investment team lends deep fixed income expertise.