RiverFront Investment Group

Who We Are

A global portfolio manager & leading ETF strategist utilizing a dynamic investment approach & uncommon transparency.

What We Do

We combine strategic asset allocation with tactical adjustments, based on value and momentum, to construct global, outcomes-based strategies.

Dynamic Investment Process

Time Horizon and Risk
  • We design “Dynamic Strategic” allocation models. Value drives our long-term allocation strategy. Strategic allocation is a dynamic process where price matters. We believe the price you pay for an asset class is the most important determinant of returns over time… PRICE MATTERS
  • We tactically adjust the models. This long-term strategy is then modified with tactical tilts designed to accommodate current market trends, putting greater weight on asset classes that have positive momentum. In other words, our asset allocation strategy seeks to combine our judgment of value with our sense of momentum, making our largest allocations when our evaluation of value and momentum are aligned.
  • We optimize the portfolios. We offer the world in one account…To do this successfully, we implement fundamental technical disciplines into our security selection process.
  • We manage risk. Comprehensive, active risk management discipline throughout the entire investment process…We take risk management as seriously as security selection.

Global Strategic Allocation with Tactical Tilts