Class Inv
Fund Stats as of 03/16/2018
Symbol JCRAX
ISIN US3176096754
Inception Date 06/29/2010
Dividends Paid Annual
CUSIP 317609 675
Fund Type Open End Fund
NAV $7.72
NAV Change $0.03
Expenses as of 02/28/2018
Total Expense Ratio1.47%
What You Pay1.47%
Class C
Fund Stats as of 03/16/2018
Symbol JCRCX
ISIN US3176096598
Inception Date 06/29/2010
Dividends Paid Annual
CUSIP 317609 659
Fund Type Open End Fund
NAV $7.42
NAV Change $0.03
Expenses as of 02/28/2018
Total Expense Ratio2.07%
What You Pay2.07%
Class I
Fund Stats as of 03/16/2018
Symbol JCRIX
ISIN US3176096671
Inception Date 06/29/2010
Dividends Paid Annual
CUSIP 317609 667
Fund Type Open End Fund
NAV $7.75
NAV Change $0.03
Expenses as of 02/28/2018
Total Expense Ratio1.17%
What You Pay1.17%
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Investment Objective

Seeks maximum real return consistent with prudent investment management.


The Fund seeks to maximize real returns, consistent with prudent investment management. The Fund provides investors with comprehensive access to commodity assets like oil, gold, wheat and corn. The Fund invests in the equity securities of commodity-related companies and commodity futures-related investments, collateralized by U.S. Treasury Inflation Protected Securities, and may also invest in commodity futures contracts and physical commodity ETFs. The Fund is actively managed and uses quantitative models to help reduce “Contango,” or costs associated with replacing expiring futures when new contracts are more expensive.

The Benefits

  • Commodities have historically provided investors with an effective hedge against inflation. Past performance is no guarantee of future results.
  • Adding commodities to a portfolio of stocks and bonds may enhance diversification, though diversification may not protect against loss.
  • Commodities can help capitalize on growth in emerging economies and rising demand for raw materials.

Portfolio Composition as of 12/31/2017

Commodity Futures Related Investments: 72.4%
Participation as a Percentage of Fund Assets^

Name %

Brent Crude Oil


WTI Crude Oil


Natural Gas






Live Cattle










Commodity-Equities: 27.6%
Weighting as a Percentage of Fund Assets

Name %

Yara International ASA (YAR NO)


Lundin Mining Corporation (LUN CN)


Sanderson Farms Inc (SAFM US)


Marathon Petroleum Corporation (MCP US)


Boliden AB (BOL SS)


Fortescue Metals Group Ltd.


Valero Energy Corporation (VLO US)


Kubota Corporation (6326 JP)


Marine Harvest ASA (MHG NO)


Ingredion Incorporated (INGR US)


^ Participation in commodities is generally achieved through investments in over-the-counter commodity swap contracts.

* Participation in Gold can be achieved through investments in ETFs that hold physical gold, and/or futures or other derivative contracts that are directly tied to the price performance of Gold.

As of December 31, 2017 the portfolio composition data presented above is an estimate and may not include, among other things, investment expenses, dividends or interest payments, advisory fees or other expenses incurred by the Fund.

Fund Policy Committee Members

Robert B. Hyman

  • Portfolio Manager
  • Senior Vice President
  • CoreCommodity Management, LLC

Bradford Klein

  • Co-Founder
  • CoreCommodity Management, LLC

Solution Based Partnership

ALPS Advisors, Inc.

  • Serves as Adviser to the Fund
  • Specialist in manager oversight & evaluation
  • Focuses on delivering innovative asset management solutions

CoreCommodity Management, LLC

Our philosophy is to provide investors with a diversified suite of high quality asset management products based upon a deep understanding of the commodity markets.

With almost 50 years of combined industry experience, Adam C. De Chiara and Bradford Klein, Co-Founders of CoreCommodity Management, LLC, have extensive experience in building, managing and innovating investments in commodities.

Among their notable accomplishments, CoreCommodity Management, LLC's executive team was responsible for the design of the Dow Jones - UBS Commodity Index and the current Thomson Reuters/CoreCommodity CRB Index two of the most renowned commodity indices globally.

Robert B. Hyman, Portfolio Manager and Senior Vice President for the Fund, has successfully traded commodities and commodity related products for over 36 years. Robert Hyman is a Registered Representative of ALPS Distributors, Inc.