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ALPS | Stadion Tactical Defensive Portfolio
Class I
Fund Stats
Inception Date 04/30/2015
Dividends Paid Anually
CUSIP 02110B 884
ISIN US02110B8845
Fund Type Insurance Portfolio
Expenses as of 04/30/2016
Total Expense Ratio7.40%
What You Pay*1.19%
Class III
Fund Stats
Symbol ALSGX
Inception Date 04/30/2015
Dividends Paid Anually
CUSIP 02110B 876
ISIN US02110B8761
Fund Type Insurance Portfolio
Expenses as of 04/30/2016
Total Expense Ratio6.54%
What You Pay*1.54%
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The Stadion Tactical Growth fund is an allocation strategy utilizing a proprietary Sharpe ratio analysis to maintain or reduce equity exposure. Broad market ETFs and sector ETFs are over/under weighted based on potential return per unit of risk taken.

Investment Objective

The investment objective of the ALPS | Stadion Tactical Growth Portfolio (the "Portfolio") is to seek long-term capital appreciation.

Investment Philosophy

Analyze current market risk then allocate among domestic, international, and defensive positions.

Primary Portfolio Makeup

  • Domestic equity ETFs
  • International equity ETFs
  • Defensive allocation
  • Commodity
  • Cash
  • Fixed income

Defensive Mechanism

Proprietary Sharpe Ratio screening to measure return per unit of risk Ability to increase defensive allocation to reduce correlation.

Suggested Use

Unconstrained tactical ETF strategy.

1. Perform Proprietary Sharpe Ratio Analysis

We continually rank the ETF universe using our proprietary Sharpe Ratio analysis. The Sharpe Ratio measures the excess return per unit of deviation, or risk, and our analysis provides a clear view of low-, medium-, and high-risk ETFs. We typically select 8 - 15 ETFs, selecting sectors on a risk-adjusted basis.

2. Allocate to Lower Risk ETFs

Our security selection process utilizes Sharpe Ratio analysis for domestic equity, international equity, and defensive holdings.

3. Modify Allocation to Reduce Risk when Necessary

As Sharpe Ratios change, the fund can reduce or increase its exposure to domestic equities.