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ALPS | Stadion Tactical Growth Portfolio
Class I
Fund Stats as of 05/23/2017
Symbol N/A
ISIN US02110B1089
Inception Date 04/30/2014
Dividends Paid Annually
CUSIP 02110B 108
Fund Type Insurance Portfolio
NAV $11.08
NAV Change $0.00
Expenses as of 04/30/2016
Total Expense Ratio2.27%
What You Pay*1.20%
Class III
Fund Stats as of 05/23/2017
Symbol ALSTX
ISIN US02110B3069
Inception Date 04/30/2014
Dividends Paid Annually
CUSIP 02110B 306
Fund Type Insurance Portfolio
NAV $11.33
NAV Change $0.00
Expenses as of 04/30/2016
Total Expense Ratio2.41%
What You Pay*1.55%
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Quarterly Fact Sheet - Class III 
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Insurance Products Shares of the Portfolios are offered only to participating insurance companies and their separate accounts to fund the benefits of Variable Contracts, and to qualified pension and retirement plans and registered and unregistered separate accounts.

Investment Objective

The investment objective of the ALPS | Stadion Core ETF Portfolio is to seek capital appreciation.

Portfolio Strategy

The Portfolio is actively managed investing primarily in Exchange Traded Funds. The investment objective is to seek a balance between current income and growth of capital, with a greater emphasis on growth of capital.

Investment Process

Determine Asset Allocation

Asset allocation is based on market conditions. Fully invested in equity/fixed income. Maximum equity allocation is 60%.

Over/Under Weight Categories

Based on qualitative and quantitative analysis, Stadion determines how much to overweight or underweight the categories of the S&P Target Risk Index within the portfolio.

  • Equity: large cap, mid cap, small cap, developed international, emerging
  • Fixed Income: US Corporate, US Treasury, US Mortgage, Non-US
Select ETFs

Stadion selects ETFs based on characteristics such as:

  • Market cap and domicile for Equity ETFs
  • Duration and spread for Fixed Income ETFs

Total Portfolio Allocation Ranges

Portfolio Components

Core Equity
  • Strategic assets allocation to equities
  • Fully invested to participate in market returns
  • Broadly diversified among large cap, mid cap, smal cap and international
Core Income
  • Strategic Asset allocation to fixed income
  • Fully invested to balance portfolio rick while adding sources of income
  • Diversified among type, duration and quality

As of April 30, 2017, the name changed from the ALPS | Stadion Tactical Defensive Portfolio to the ALPS | Stadion Core ETF Portfolio.