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ALPS | Red Rocks Listed Private Equity Fund
Class I
Fund Stats as of 03/22/2019
Symbol N/A
ISIN US02110B7029
Inception Date 10/24/2014
Dividends Paid Annually
CUSIP 02110B 702
Fund Type Insurance Portfolio
NAV $11.96
NAV Change $-0.19
Expenses as of 04/30/2017
Total Expense Ratio2.98%
What You Pay*1.95%
Class III
Fund Stats as of 03/22/2019
Symbol AVPEX
ISIN US02110B8019
Inception Date 10/24/2014
Dividends Paid Annually
CUSIP 02110B 801
Fund Type Insurance Portfolio
NAV $12.52
NAV Change $-0.21
Expenses as of 04/30/2017
Total Expense Ratio2.88%
What You Pay*2.30%
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Insurance Products Shares of the Portfolios are offered only to participating insurance companies and their separate accounts to fund the benefits of Variable Contracts, and to qualified pension and retirement plans and registered and unregistered separate accounts.
**The quoted total operating expense is for the underlying mutual fund (LPEIX); however, investors will be subjected to additional fees and expenses on behalf of the insurance providers.

Access Private Equity Returns with Daily Liquidity

In today’s economic environment the shrinking public market is increasing the demand for private companies. Why is this happening? The time, cost and regulatory burden of a going public is driving companies to remain privately held. As a result, there are greater opportunities and capital in the private market.

Private equity managers use a well-established business model to raise capital, buy companies, enhance them operationally, and sell them after 7-10 years. However, investing in private equity remains a challenge for most investors due to high minimums, illiquidity and lock-up periods.

At ALPS, we believe all investors should have access to private equity and its unique value and diversification advantages. The ALPS Red Rocks Listed Private Equity Portfolio provides advisors and investors with a unique alternative to traditional private equity by delivering private equity returns and daily liquidity.

The Fund is designed to break down barriers to investing in private equity. It employs a high conviction, actively managed approach to provide:


  • Global PE assets growing ~3X vs. global public equities1
  • Dedicated focus on small, fast-growing private companies
  • A high conviction portfolio of 30-50 holdings selected from a universe of more than 400 companies


  • Provides efficient access to private companies with daily liquidity and no lock-up periods
  • Comprehensive quantitative and qualitative methodology
  • Deep portfolio management expertise


  • Investment universe has very little overlap with mainstream indices2
  • Diversified across geography, industry and capital structure
  • Exposure to hundreds of underlying private companies

Investment Objective

The Fund Seeks to maximize total return, which consists of appreciation on its investments and a variable income stream.

Please call our investment specialists to learn more at 866.759.5679.

1As of 11/3/2017 Sources: World Federation of Exchanges

2As of 12/31/2017 The Standard & Poor's composite index of 500 stocks, a widely recognized, unmanaged index of common stock prices. MSCI ACWI: Index designed to captures large, mid and small cap representation across 23 Developed Markets (DM) and 23 Emerging Markets (EM) countries, contains 2,493 companies as of 12/31/2017